Monday, March 26, 2012

My Generasi ~ Gen Y

For all the Gen Ys... :))

So if you start reading this blogpost before watching the video, and you realise that you don't know what I'm talking 'bout, I've a solution for you....   WATCH THE VIDEO! ;)

So while watching the "My Generasi" video by JinnyBoyTV, a HUGE sense of nostalgia hit me. Flashbacks to primary school days kept flashing in my mind. Those were the days when life was simpler, our biggest worries were who had the biggest water bottle, the best colour pencils and the nicest bag, and of course due to minimal technology, our "Facebook" was much simpler (and cuter tooo!! =3). 

Now who doesn't remember writing things like "I have a pen, the pen is BLUE. I have a friend, the friend is U! :)" in your friend's autograph book?? Those were the days.. Kids these days however, write on each other's Facebook walls instead. 

How 'bout the simple games we played like "Five Stones" or "Pepsi Cola" or "LAT TA LEE LAT TA LEE TAM PONG"... NO technology required! Now, for some, if it isn't a video game, it's not even worth spending the time on. 

Wow.. Times have changed. Technology has spoiled us. 

If only we could go back to those simple days.. Even just for a day.. :))

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