Saturday, December 22, 2012


Yay! Combined chalet with W320 has ended!! I get to sleep in my own bed tonight! YES! (Haha)

Despite being tiring, it was certainly lots of fun. Felt like I got to know the N450 family better as well as make new friends with the W320 people. :) 

This is how I would look like with Jia's hair. Haha


Early birthday kiss :)

Hehe. He looks my height now. 

The N450 Family :D

My favourite girls! :)

KLL :)


Anyways, after chalet, we went to the first Christmas service! :) Even though I was tired, I'm super happy that I brought my first friend to church! Like yayyyy!! :D #happygirl94 

Lunch before service
Awkward photo with Karjun

Long day tomorrow. Service in the morning. Jia's finally turning Legal 18! :D And then #TeamHoliday in the evening!! Can't wait!! 

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