Saturday, January 12, 2013

Went to the IDP Study in Australia Open Day today..

The 'rents realised that the cost to send me to Australia to study compared to studying here was still quite affordable. So now completing my next two years there has suddenly become an option. I guess some people would be whoop-ing right now and jumping around with glee. No parents, life of your own, a complete uni experience. But not me.. I can't help but get so many mixed feelings. I mean don't get me wrong, I was excited at first.. But then the thought of moving again, being away from friends, what I'm leaving behind. And for once, I'll be leaving alone. The thought of that can scare me to tears. I kinda don't wanna go anymore..

I don't get how people can get so excited about going abroad to study alone. It feels like this time, I'll have to   lose all sense of security. I can't believe I'm feeling so insecure about this.. I always thought I was adventurous and stronger and braver than this. This is gonna so daunting.. I'm scared.

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