Saturday, February 2, 2013

Random thoughts of the day

1. My recent crazy spendings.  I think I'm trying to compensate for all the stuffs that I wanted all my life but never had. I'm also currently crazy obsessed with finding the perfect peplum. Haha. Hopefully I'll stop soon. And all I need is to build up my wardrobe of bags and shoes. Also, I've turned into such a girl in the last 2 years. Kinda scary. Haha. I didn't use to care this much before. 

2. Distilled water tastes so much nicer than tap water. It makes drinking water so much more enjoyable. Ok.... Maybe that's just me. *does the awkward turtle*

3. I'm currently super motivated to keep up with my get fit goal this year. Eat healthy. Exercise. Drink more water. 

4. Sometimes the ones that look the strongest on the outside are the weakest deep inside. 

5. This blog post is so random. I don't even know why. But yeaa.. Sometimes I need to be random. 

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