Saturday, April 13, 2013

Woke up at 9+ today. Prepped and got ready to go out for a lunch date with the family and Canon James Wong and Sister Esther. The weather was scorching hot. Really can't stand it. :( 

We went to Crystal Jade @Holland Village for lunch. 

Here's what we ate.. 
Two thumbs up for food. Hahaha. 

Hot and Spicy Soup

Double-boiled Chicken Soup.

Char Siew Sou

Pork Ribs

Har Gao

Fong Zao

Glutinous Rice


Prawn wrapped in Beancurd Skin

Siew Mai

Carrot Cake

Duck Noodles

Mango Pudding

Herbal Jelly

It was definitely a good time of food and fellowship. Enjoyed listening to the things that they shared with us and I got to hear stories about mummy back when she my age which was really amusing. Sister Esther reminded me about how she'd seen me running around in my "Banana's in Pajamas" pajamas and now I've grown so much. Believe it or not, they kinda watched my mother and I grow up. Wow... #epiphany

Group photo. Hehe. :)

And then, random camwhoring from me and Jo. Hehe.


Really hope to have more fruitful meals like these. :)

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