Monday, May 6, 2013

Had some mummy and me time today!! :) 

Headed to the immigration to get some things settled. After that, went to eat nasi padang at Warung Nasi Pariaman @North Bridge Road. Thank God we were early, cos the queue here is always very long during lunch hour. Mummy really loves the nasi padang here cos she says that her father used to tapao the food from here for them to eat either that or he'll bring them here to eat. So it was pretty cool, eating what mum used to eat when she was younger. :) 

Needless to say that I sweated quite abit when eating all this food. But it was definitely worth it. #yummy

After that we headed to Bugis and then Somerset for some shopping! Yay. I always love shopping with mummy. Ended up buying mainly basics.

Home after that for dinner. :)

Mum cooked nasi lemak. YUM.


I realised that the food that I had today aren't really the healthiest... but.. you only live once. Hehe.

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