Sunday, June 9, 2013

Long Distance Relationships (LDR)

Long distance relationships do not just apply to romantic relationships. In my opinion, it takes into account blood ties and friendships as well. So in that sense, we've all gone through LDR. Whether you're the one who's moving or your loved-one is moving, LDR is NEVER easy. Period.

Here are the 4 Main Factors that play a role in every LDR:

1. The Distance
So maybe you don't meet the person every single day.. But there's something about not being able to see the person whenever you like that changes the relationship. Not being able to be there to celebrate when something good happens, not being able to be there when they need a shoulder to cry on... The lack of face-to-face interaction creates many issues. So if your relationship isn't strong enough, it dies at stage one.

2. The Schedules
Needless to say, it doesn't matter where we are, we all have our own schedules. And thanks to the fast-paced world that we live in, our schedules are often packed. Lucky for us, in the 21st century, there's Whatsapp, Facebook, Oovoo, Viber, Skype and the likes to make keeping in contact much easier. If you're fortunate enough, your loved-one would set aside a certain amount of time every so often to keep in contact with you.

3. The Timezone
Depending on how far apart you are, there may or may not be any timezone differences. If there is no timezone difference, well.. you're in luck. One less thing to worry about. But if there are timezone differences,  make sure you don't miss a Skype date because you lost track of the time difference.

4. The Circumstances
Finally, the number one killer, the public enemy, the factor that I hate the most: Circumstances. It really does depend on how much circumstances will sway your decisions. Being in a different place from one another results in self-growth in different ways. As time passes, people change and when people change, opinions change. Maybe after that you realise that you can't see eye-to-eye on the same things anymore. Maybe you decide that this isn't a person you want to keep in your life. Or maybe circumstances just prevents you from allowing things to remain as it is. Bottomline is: the real villian of every relationship will always be CIRCUMSTANCES

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