Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hellooooo darlings! It's been a while. I'm sorry I've seem to have fallen off the face of the internet world. But really, I'm still clinging on at the edge of its cliff, kicking and fighting. [HIIIYAHHH!] Hehe. Finally found some time out to actually sit down and blog. Haha.

Sooo... story time. :D

Perth has been growing on me. I mean. It took a while. But then you eventually get use to the life here. Initially it felt like I was racing against a day to day timebomb. I mean how do you get to everything before it closes at 5pm?!! *mock horror* Living in Singapore has NOT prepared me for this! Finding anything 24 hours here that closes at 10pm, feels like a miracle. Haha.

If that is not enough, it's winter here.... and I havent had that since UK... Which is a very long time.
P.S. contrary to popular belief, winter doesn't mean there has to be snow.
P.P.S. Just because it says 16ÂșC doesn't mean it feels like your a/c at home. It is NOT the same kind of cold. It is a bone biting, teeth chattering kind of cold.
Bottom line: If you've been staying in tropical weathered countries like I have, and you get cold as easily as I do (Anybody? Nobody..? Just me..?), and people told you it wasn't really that cold... Well... winter's gonna punch you in the face. Or maybe that's just me.... *awkward turtle*

But I guess, after a while, you adapt. And that's good I guess. It's weird though. I felt like I've adapted here faster than I have to any place I've moved to. I don't understand how that's supposed to work, being without the family and all, but that's how I feel. And now that the first week of classes have started... I'm starting to get into the routine.


2 years of certainty... and then what next?

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