Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinch, Punch. It's the First of the Month!

Yay!! After the long waiting, March has finally arrived! :)) Just a bit more and school starts! Simply can't wait! 

Jia, Sarah, KarJun and I shared a giant fishbowl size bubble milk tea at Artease, Cineleisure today. (IMHO, best bubble tea chain in Singapore!) After that, Jia, KarJun and I went to watch..... *drumroll* THIS MEANS WARR!! :D

The movie is crazy awesome because...
#1 It's a RomCom yet Action Packed
#2 Reese Witherspoon
#3 Chris Pine and his blue eyes
#4 Tom Hardy and his accent
#5 There's some crazy Bro-Mance going on in the movie (They literally tell each other I Love You) Love it!
#6 There's that quirky, eccentric best friend who always seems to come up with the worst advice and yet manages to produce the best advice when it was really needed.
#7 The were lotsa funny moments!
#8 Everyone had a happy ending. :) (Although I really wanted Reese Witherspoon to end up with Tom Hardy instead.)

Need I say more?? Go watch it!!

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