Sunday, September 16, 2012

Being Random at 1.30am on a Sunday Morning Because I Can't Sleep AGAIN

1. I can't sleep eventhough I'm extremely tired. 7th night already. :((((
2. I'm craving pizza AND sushi right now. At this time. Unbelievable.
3. Been feeling very unhealthy because I've been eating like an everlasting blackhole for the past few weeks.
4. Been rushing assignments and studying like mad recently. Feeling very out of the loop/very out of sync/very out of touch with whatever's being going on with whoever. Hate that. :( And most of the time when anyone tells me anything, I think I'm half asleep. :((
5. Orange juice > Apple juice
6. Dogs > Cats (I want a Jack Russell even though I've been warned they're super hyper)
7. I LOVE dogs. But.... I'm actually scared of them..... Yeaaa. I know. I'm weird.
8. I'm having mixed feelings bout university. :/
9. I can't wait for exams to be over! There's so much I can do!
10. I wanna get married on the beach. Lol.

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