Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Highlights of 170912 :)

No matter what you do
I'll be there for you.
              - Be Your Everything, Boys Like Girls


1. Made "keow" with mummy today. Super satisfied. Had a bit of one-on-one time with her. And lunch was yummy! Yay! :)
2. Spent the day prepping for the recording session. Realised that I have the potential to come up with the craziest shizz in the morning.
3. Discovered Cher Lloyd while searching up radio interviews. Found my favourite interview of all time now. AND Cher Lloyd's pretty amazing! Love the way she talks. Her accent is simply enchanting. And her style! (Girl crush right now)
4. Crose flight Crose flight. Epic phrase of my week. Hahaha. Recording wasn't too bad. Could've been better. But I forgot to pray before. :( le sigh. Oh well. Nevertheless, it was good. Lotsa laughter. :)
5. Had burger king for dinner. Fast food. Again. This is bad. :( I should go on a fast food fast for real. :/ anyways probably gonna limit myself to one fast food meal per week only. Let's see if that would work. Hahaha.
6. I actually typed most of that on the way home. Blogging on the go. Yay! (Y) Heehee.
7. I came home to a cup of GongCha's Earl Grey milk tea with herbal jelly from the bro. He's being such a sweetheart. Love him much much! Actually drinking it while blogging right now. :x
8. I have a paper tomorrow. Introduction to Mass Comm. It's kinda easy. Yet not so. Last minute chionging tmr morning since the paper will be in the evening. Wish me luck? Can't wait for my papers to be over!!! Anyways, it's late. I should sleep soon. :)

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