Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Let's go to the beach each~

Went to Sentosa with Sarah and Diana today. Chilled and ate at Azzura. Was a great time with awesome company! 
The Lovelies

Looking for Fish & Chips (Haha)

Nachos? :D

 We ordered mocktails! Yay!
Rah with her Shirley Temple

Diana with her Tropical Land

Peach Virgin Margarita (YUM)

Nachos, Pizza and Cabonara!

Ehhhh~ Sexay Ladayyy~ Op Op Op!

Say Cheeeeeeseeee~!

Chio Bus!! :)

Our View from our Cosy Little Hut

Synchronised Laughing? *insert nervous laugh*

We had successful jump shots! Really pretty ones too! We all look super ecstatic! 

Then we started having crazy jump shots. Haha. 


Long Lost Lovers? 


Really enjoyed the day as we bonded and got to know each other better. Hopefully we'll have another hangout like this soon! hehe. :)

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