Wednesday, November 21, 2012

201112 :)

Someone who makes everything feel effortless.


I had a pretty lazy, mundane morning. Didn't really feel like doing much so I was being rather unproductive.
Had an impromptu meet up with KH. :) Lunch and catching up. Yay! Break in my mundane day. Haha. We went to AMK Hub for lunch then dropped by at Popular to see Grace.

After that we went to NTUC for abit. And then I saw him go all crazy for Pororo. Made me do a double-take on him. Lol. Anyways slightly after that he walked me home and left.
Pororo craze?
Helloooo! :D

The moment when you don't have your heels and you're feeling short. :(

In the evening I got to paint my nails! Yay! Purple as the base colour cos the sister ALWAYS chooses my purple over my blue. :( Oh well. Haha. Anyways after I finished painting it, I realised it was kinda prom-like. (Prom fever, maybe?) I guess I would've done my nails like that if I ever went to prom. :)

Shiny Purple nails :)

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