Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beach Therapy

Beach + Sun + Good Company = The Perfect Beach Therapy
Got some much deserved beach therapy today. :) Both Rah and I wanted to chill so we decided to go to the beach! No objections there. Hehe. #I❤Beaches

Walked in instead of taking the train :)

Decided to chill at Azzura again. We ordered two Shirley Temples this time. 

Took lots of pictures while chilling under our little beach bed. 

Rained at 1+ for about an hour. Both of us had not anticipate that it will rain this early but we waited it out under the shelter of our beach bed.

Meanwhile, we spotted this couple behind us,
swaying to the music.
This is too cute for words. AWHHH. 

The rained stopped soon after that and the sun came out! (YES!) Went to tan for a bit. Once again, Singapore's weather never fails to amaze me. Raining one moment ☂ and then the hot sun comes out 

Here's me looking like an overly happy little girl. HAHA.

TEEHEE. Rah looking too cute! ;D

Look at her trying to cross her eyes. xD 

Pretty ladyyy! ❤  

Liking how my legs look here. Hehe. 

She's the queen of jumpshots! 

There's a first time for everything ❤ 

Headed back to vivo for dinner. Both of us were famished! 
Back to AMK for cg with the parents. :)

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