Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Woke up at 7+ this morning so that I could join her for BSF with Aunty Reenee. Thank God Aunty Reenee came to fetch us. YAY! :D 

Meet Aidan. Ain't he the cutest! ❤ 

Met her youngest son, Aidan who's 2 years old and her youngest son. So cute! Look at those cheeks! Heehee. 

After BSF, we went to Curry Times @Novena Square for lunch. Loving the retro vibe you get from the restaurant!

I ordered their curry chicken set. Wahh.. the spiciness was crazy! But I survived. Pheww..

Looks harmless right...? WRONG. 

Curry Vegetables. This is yummy. :)

Ate and fellowshipped at Curry Times till 3+ with mum, Aunty Reenee, Aunty Shure Lee (whom I met for the first time today) and another auntie whom I can't remember the name of...(OOPS)

When we left, I told mum that I feel like I'm leaving the tai tai life. HAHA. 

Headed home to rest and do some work before heading out for CCH Visitations at 6.45. Met the cutest little 2 year old Brit boy today!!! *squeals* His eyes are just the cutest and widest!! ❤ 

Reached home at 9.40+ for dinner and then chill.....

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