Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I practically dragged myself out of bed at 10+ in the morning. Exhausted and drained (I had no idea why until later in the day), I didn't plan to go out at all but the drilling sounds coming from some part of the building was ridiculously loud that I couldn't even hear myself think, so I got ready to head out and join mum and Aunty Margaret for lunch at J8. 

After walking around J8 trying to find a place to eat, we somehow ended up at ThaiExpress. As if I didn't have enough reason to not want to come here, they gave me more reasons. Let me show you why...

THIS was what the menu told me my food will be..

THIS was what I got..
It felt like I was having over-the-top expensive,
mediocre-tasting bak chor mee. -.-
Anyway, after the disappointing lunch we headed to Toast Box to yum cha and continue our conversation. 

Had a cup of hot Horlicks. It's been a crazy long time since I've had it!
After that, we headed to Dessert Story for dessert. I ended up getting something from Chewy Junior instead. Hehe. Apparently their desserts weren't that satisfying though. :(

Our desserts. 

Ended up spending the whole day out. We headed home at about 5.30. 

The weather has been ridiculously hot and unpredictable so I'm glad that I bought this last week. :D 

Practically a Buy 1 Free 2 situation here! So happy!
Curled up at home for the rest of the evening because the cramps were unbearable. :((

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