Monday, April 1, 2013


  1. The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.
  2. A relationship between friends.


Friendship is a queer little element of life. The definition of it is so simple yet the notion of it is much more complicated than you think. So maybe right now you're wondering why I'm talking all weird and funny. But if you has a many thoughts running through my head as I have, you would want to verbalise it.. Or at the very least, type it down.

There are many different types and formats of friendship.. This is a list of the different kind of friendships that I cherish the most.. 
  1. The "best" friend. You might as well be blood siblings. This is the kind of friendship that would drive your parents up the wall and onto the ceiling if you were born as siblings instead of best friends. The duration of the friendship may not necessarily be long but you've learned to accept each other for the good, the bad and the ugly. You go from totally bimbo to downright serious in your conversations. You entrust the secrets of your entire life - past, present and future - into their hands. They know so much that they have what it takes to make or break you, and despite all that they choose to be one of the necessary pillars in your life. This kind of friendship will last as long as both of you are determined to make it work. (Kind of like a relationship. Haha.)
  2. The soul mate. This is the one where you meet and feel the instantaneous click. You have instant chemistry, there's the totally cool (and sometimes freaky) moment where you realise you have a million things in common (ok.. I exaggerate a wee bit), you think alike, you dress alike, you're unafraid of being your true self in front of them - be it crazy, dramatic or downright silly, you can share your heart out without worrying that they may think of you differently and somehow instead of the short time that you've known each other, you feel like you've known each other forever. 
  3. The "long distance" friend. You probably live on separate ends of the world (or maybe just different countries) and don't talk to each other everyday but the moment you  meet, it feels like you were never apart. You catch up and fill each other in on the details of what has happened since the last time you've met and you can just share your thoughts and heart but it's never awkward. These friendships are simply amazing.
  4. The "one time" friend. They not be in your social circle or maybe they are but they're not one of your closer friends. However at one point, you had a memorable moment or conversation with them. Something that will forever be etched in your memory and you can't forget it, but you know that such a moment won't happen again. 
  5. The "for the moment" friend. This is the kind of friendship where at some point, you had a good friendship and yet somehow as time (and/or distance) goes by, you start to drift apart and deep down you both knew it'll happen all along and that it was unavoidable - it was just a matter of time. One day you'll wake up and you'll realise that you've stopped talking all together and yet it's just the way it is. 
  6. The "you're like a brother to me" friend. In this case, either you've bro-zoned the guy or he's bro-zoned you (which basically means he sees you as a bro/dude rather than the chick you truly are. HAHA) Usually in this case, it is a good thing, especially if you're the one doing the bro-zoning, simply because some guys are just meant to be bros that you can pour your heart out and share your thoughts with as well as give you a guy's opinion. Being bro-zoned by certain guys may be a good thing. However, when you get's bro-zoned by your crush/eye candy/type, it may not be the best feeling in the world. In your mind you'll probably be yelling "why me?!!" most of the time. (Haha)
  7. The "you totally know how I feel" friend. This person may be your best friend or soul mate or someone else entirely, but this person knows exactly how you feel. You will talk on the same frequency, respond similarly and you'll be so in sync that it sends you up to cloud nine in an instant. With such friendships, you can talk about anything under the sun because you can click with each other. 
So these are the 7 types of friends that I cherish most. 
I feel like I've written an entire essay! (When was the last time I wrote so much?) 
But here are my final words for this post. These friends are the ones that brighten up my life, been with me through my up and downs, picked me up when I fell, rejoiced with me through the happy times and they make me who I am. ❤ 

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