Sunday, May 26, 2013

Service > Fellowship > Camp Briefing

Had a really short cg fellowship today because majority of the cgms had to prepare for camp briefing. 

Jia and I did what we do best. Haha. Spammed photos as usual, but here are the best. 


Kenneth! :)

They said I could be anything so I became a....
Sunflower?? :>

Pretty BaoBei

After camp briefing, we had team allocation. :) In green orange house this year with Jx as TL and Jess as ATL! 3 out of 6 BPS members in one team?? Steady laaa! Same team as Brenda! Can't wait! :) 

After that headed to CCP with Jia to get bubbletea! #cravingssatisfied 

Then homebound...

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