Saturday, June 8, 2013

Camp #YOLO


Out of the 3 ET Zone Camps, this is the first time that I'm a partial camper. By the time I reached camp, it was in the late afternoon, which means I missed out on most of camp. Thank goodness there was E-night! 

2 of my girls are dancing for E-night! Omgosh! #fangirling

Session was amazing. The drama really leveled up. Praising and worshiping God, learning more about God as well as experiencing God's presence together (and Holy Laughter) as a zone really makes up for me not being there for the rest of the camp.

After the night session was the water bomb event which got pushed back because it was rainy earlier during the day. I swear it's chaos to have a mass water bomb fight so late in the night when it's practically pitch black. Sat out of this one  with Brenda, so we were pretty much listening to the sound of screaming and shouting while watching shadows running around the field ambushing one another. Sadly there were some casualties. :(

After that event, everyone went to wash up and then it was mainly just supper milo and sitting around and chit-chatting. This is always one of my favourite parts of camp. Just sitting around getting to know one another better, really feeling like a family. Just thinking about it makes me smile. :) Went to bed at about 3 but only fell asleep at 4.


Woke up, rather reluctantly. Had some cereal for breakfast and then went back up to pack our stuffs. But guess what. We ended up camwhoring. Hehe.

Me and Shermane's morning faces. Haha.

Oh the crazy things we do. Haha.

One of my favourite girls in the world. 宝贝 ❤ 

 After we cleared up the campsite and broke camp. More pictures! :)

Orange House! :)

Pretty Brenda's very first ET Zone Youth Camp! :)

Loving how he makes me look extra slim. Hehe,

After that, we headed to Nex for lunch!

Aron :)

Super candid but loving this photo! :) ❤ 

Ate at Hot Tomato with Jia, Aron and Glendon. Food was yummy! Or maybe we were just starving. Haha. 

Went to Carl's Jr to meet some of the Hipsters and then headed to Dessert Story slightly later on for dessert. Reached home at 4+, took a shower, and then KO-ed. 

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