Monday, November 11, 2013

But God..

1. I remember how adamant I was about coming to Perth to study. I was certain it was a bad idea. Or maybe I was just tired of moving. 
But God spoke. And so plans were made. 

2. I was so scared that I wouldn't settle down here quickly. That I'll have a hard time fitting in. That I wouldn't be able to adapt. Especially since it's the first time that I've moved without the family. 
But God always knew what to do. He made the transition smooth. He allowed things to fall into place. Besides that, the family was always there to support me. Even if they were miles away. It was almost as if He was saying, "Relax Jannah. I've got it covered. You worry too much." 

3. I was so scared I wouldn't enjoy life in Perth. 
But God blessed me with people to go through this experience with me. However little contribution they've made to the experience so far, they were there for a reason. And that's what I'm thankful for. 

4. I was so scared I'll come here and totally change. I was so scared of how I would end up after this. 
But God didn't let that happen. He gave me the one thing I needed the most. His presence. If that wasn't enough, He blessed me with parents that constantly pray for me. 

5. I was so scared that friendships will go astray. That being apart meant forgetting. That being apart meant drifting apart. 
But God already knew what kind of people I needed in my life before I even met them. If anything, the cliche of "distance making the heart fonder" came into play. If anything, we realised how important our friendships were. 

6. I was so scared I would drift away. So afraid I couldn't stay rooted
But God never failed to give me a gentle nudge when I edged off just a tiny bit. He never failed to remind me that He was there. 

7. I thought I was gonna do really bad in school. Honestly. I mean come on.. Genius me picked 3rd year subjects for my 2nd year. D: 
But God blessed me with the wisdom I needed to do well. When I thought I couldn't make it, He gave me more than I expected. 

8. There were days when I couldn't help but wonder why I came here, why I picked journalism out of every other safe and secure degrees I could study. Why why why why WHY. Some days I'm so convinced it's a bad idea. 
But God always always reminds me. That I'm here for a reason. I still don't know what the big picture is, but I do know I'm an important colour. 

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