Sunday, November 3, 2013

I am an ABSOLUTE sucker for cafes. Finding a good cafe is like being on a mini getaway. The right ambiance, the right food and the right company make for the best cafe experience. So when Jia suggested going to a cafe to chill and catch-up, I was ecstatic! 

I always liked cafes that was a little out of the way just cos they always feel more of a gem if they're good. So we decided to go to Comman Man Coffee Roasters. The price range was definitely much more than what we were used to. The portioning was quite huge though. 

Comman Man All-Day Breakfast anyone? :D 

Jia's Common Man Burgerrrrr. 

Loved the catch-up with this pretty lady! So blessed and encouraged to hear about how her life has changed since I've left. 4 hours of non-stop talking with her! Haha. :) But hey, squeezing 4 months into 4 hours? We're professionals at talking. Haha. 

This QT pie. :* 

Time spent with you is never wasted. 

Good food, better company. We need to catch-up again asap! :)

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