Saturday, August 18, 2012

Heart of Gratitude

Soooo... It's been a long tiring week but I really need to blog!! :)
First off.. I'm finally legal 18!!! YAY!! Haha. Really so grateful for the people that God has placed in my life. Never would I have imagined that I would have people fighting to be the first one to wish me happy birthday. Really very touched. :')
So thank you to Diana and ZhenWei for calling me the moment the clock striked 12. <3 And sorry I couldn't pick up all calls at once. :(
Thank you to JiaJia for wishing me 4 times: through a phone call, through Whatsapp, through Twitter and through Facebook. Love you! <3
Thank you to Sarah for not being too mainstream. Hehe. Your wish really made me want to cry. Feeling so loved! <3
Thank you to Uma who really wanted to be the first to wish me. It really doesn't matter that you weren't first. Loved it just the same. <3
And if I had to say thank you to every single one, I would be writing a very very long post today. But what I really want to say is that I was really touched by the wishes and the messages and the presents. I really didn't expect so much. :')
Biggest thank you goes to God for giving me the chance to impact the people around me. :)
So enough of the birthday post. :)
Moving on to the rest of the week...
This week has been a hectic week due to the looming assignment deadlines. :( had to chiong for my assignment today when my lappy decided it'll be fun to drive me up the wall by not functioning properly. Just when I was about to finish my assignment too. :'((( ended up handing it in late. :( oh well..
Besides that, the Stompers (we haven't come up with a better name yet) have been busy practising all week for RetroMania. Lots and lots of changes have been made throughout the week. Praying for a successful performance!
Despite my busy busy week, I'm super glad that I had time to go for a short shopping trip and dinner with Sarah today!! :) Yay!! *happy dance* It really feels like it has been a very very long time and I'm glad that we had an opportunity to catch up! :) Reminded once again why we're good friends! Can click! *thumbs up* Oh. And she was such a sweetie! Bought me Chewy Junior. Yum! :)
And finally, Jia when you read this.. Congrats!! You have finally finished your exams!!! Go get a well deserved break!! :) time to relax!! :) <3

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