Friday, March 29, 2013

So today wasn't exactly a good day. Was crazy tired the entire day and was rushing from one end of Singapore to another. Not fun. 

I went for the first Easter service today and ended up late. Then I was rushing home for dinner with the fam and the uncle and aunt. But thanks to the rainy weather and the exhibitions at expo, the human traffic in expo was CRAZY. Took me and Jia 30+ mins to get from hall 1 to the MRT. Thank God for Jia who went through the whole ordeal with me. 

Yay. Jia! :)

 Anyways, reached home late and starving. Had steamboat for dinner. Yay. Major mood improvement after that even though I was still super tired. After dinner, we went to McCafe for coffee and desserts. ❤

Isn't the Pikachu and Mickey Mouse and Doraemon cute here? :)

Home at 12+

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